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The sixth photograph in the S p a c e s series, my final project for my Black and White Photography class. I like this photo a lot as well. Its a photograph of the study benches in South Spine NTU. During exam time, you’ll find them occupied 24/7. Examinations are a time of reflection really…where everything comes full circle only to repeat itself again in another semester. This photo kind of wraps up the series in itself.

In case you’re wondering, the camera angle wasn’t intentionally jilted, but it probably goes with the theme so I decided to keep it in the print.


Summary of work done in darkroom for final print

Aperture: f5.6
Filter Grade: 2
Exposure: 11s + 4s burn (per side)

Equipment used

Nikon FM3A
ISO400 film

About S p a c e s

The law of gravity says that all particles in the universe attract one another. We are inexplicably bound to the universe, sharing an invisible, yet intimate bond with it. The space lying between us and infinity is teeming with unknown forces. We build bus-stops, buildings and benches to fill this space around us and unknowingly form a connection with them.

So bound are we to these spaces around us that we leave a mark upon them. Our story…somehow engraved in time and space. For me, as a student, a significant part of this story of my life was written in my university. It has been, no doubt, one of the most significant journeys of my life. 

But not only has the university left its impression on me, but I too have left my mark upon it, as have thousands of students who have their own story… their own life… all of it absorbed indiscriminately, by the confines and spaces of NTU.

My project is a narration of these stories, this epic journey through a students’ life, told not by myself or any student, but by the spaces that have witnessed these stories take shape. By this project, I hope to capture those spaces in NTU that are usually teeming with life, but are now empty, alone and have nothing left but the memories of those that have passed through them and shared a part of their lives with that space.

As I had mentioned earlier, the story of my project (and that of any NTU student) would not be told by me, but by the spaces I capture. Right from the very first impressions we get of our university from the orientation ceremony in Nanyang Auditorium, to our first home away from home, our first meal etc, to our final farewell…all captured through a series of photographs of the spaces that we interacted with.


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May 15, 2010

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